The Story of Captcha

A CAPTCHA is an artificial intelligence-based key control testing method that is often used by Intranet software for authentication purposes. A CAPTCHA is an alphanumeric combination sent to a web server in order to authenticate the user’s identity. The CAPTCHA code, which can be composed by hand using any text editor or web browser, is an output generated by the operating system when the client presses the corresponding Capslock or Alt+Control+Delete on their keyboard. The challenge-response code, which is generated by the operating system, consists of random characters that have special significance to the user and to the service providing the intranet application.

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The beauty of a Captcha implementation in a website is that it performs a two-step authentication process. The first step is where the user inputs a set of arbitrary alphanumeric or numeric characters, which are sent by the client to the service provider. Next, the service provider’s artificial intelligence program matches the characters with one or more previously recorded parameters for each user. If the character is successfully matched, the user will receive an “OK” response code. If the character is not able to be matched by the system, an error message will be displayed and the user will be required to enter a login ID and password in order to continue.

Bots and other automated applications that use Captcha as their main form of password authentication have become popular in recent years due to the flexibility provided by this simple password code delivery mechanism. With an increasing amount of Internet users and a corresponding increase in the number of bot applications, a Captcha based system provides an easy way to combat bots and other potential Internet threats. In addition, as Captcha increases in usage, developers of applications that use the CAPTCHAS challenge-response mechanism will need to find innovative methods for securing Captcha-based passwords and user access. Bot developers and other Internet security experts are devoting a considerable amount of research effort to finding new ways to secure the secret data that is contained in the CAPTCHAS code.

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